Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Punch Bunch with Kerry B. Beads!

Last week I had a stroke of luck during my online Christmas shopping adventures and came across the perfect thing for a crafty beadgirl I know. :) Kerry Bogert, genius designer and glass bead maker, was cleaning out her stash and listed a few "bead buyables" on her site Kab's Creative Concepts. Her beads are bright and fun--so are her designs!
I got three sets of beads and I love them all, but there were a bunch of pink that I just couldn't wait to work with! Kerry called them "Set 18" but I call them a perfect "Punch Bunch" with various shades of pink and shot of minty green.
You know how during the holidays just about anything goes in the punchbowl? Think of a fruity punch with a bunch of lime sherbet scoops floating in it. That's this necklace!!

I practiced some arranging and a bit of wire working and I'm thrilled with the final result! If you haven't checked out Kerry's blog, I'd highly recommend it. Plus, I just checked and there are still a couple of bead sets for sale on her site...while you're there you can also pre-order her new book that's coming out!


  1. Hey Jenny! Thanks so much for the glowing review of my work.Your necklace with my beads is so fun and creative!!

  2. What a fun necklace! These beads look like Christmas candy!


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