Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Case of Cool

At the SAC's Gallery Art & Craft show a couple of weeks ago, one of my favorite booths featured the work of Alisha and her husband whose great decor and jewelry is all made from upcycled goodies. There were windchimes featuring all sorts of characters created out of kitchen utensils. But, more importanly, Alisha Case creates fun glass rings out of old wine and beer bottles that are part of this art. I was wandering around her booth coveting and she let me pick out some "raw" materials for my own creations! And, the fun part, her business name: Art by the Case. I love that!!

These glass bottle bits are soft and smooth and wonderful to work with! Here are just a couple of them that I turned into pendants with a few beads and some twists of wire. This one features some blueish-white glass from a beer bottle. It's a cute little pendant!

This one's a little bigger because it's hailing from a nice buttery chardonnay. :) Okay, I'm just guessing what kind of wine it was, but I love the dark, rich yellow of the glass. Just in case my sister's reading this...pretend you're surprised when you see this on a gift-giving day not far away. haaaaaaaaaaaa

So, another great upcycling artist!!!!!! Thanks, Alisha!

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