Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Time to Renew

It's the next day of the Fun Focal challenge and I'm on it! The inspiration today was a bail (the piece that hangs the pendant) made out of fabric, ribbon, or leather.

So, here's my bit of leather that's knotted (which makes me knotty, right?) to form a nice thick bail. I'm highlighting a recycled glass bead from HMB Studios. Heather made these out of old glass bottles and jars. Then, I was thinking "green" and reached for some paper beads. These are imported from Uganda. I picked these up at my fave shop in Occoquan, Off the Beading Path, but you can also find similar free trade sources through the Bead for Life program. Another great source for fantastic paper bead jewelry is my friend, April, and her shop April Mist.

So, get in the spirit of green! Take a deep breath of fresh air and have a fantastic Wednesday!!


  1. I love that your necklace it "green"! That si so awesome. And the bail out of knotted cord, sweet! Can't wait to see what you make for tomorrow!

  2. I absolutely love how you used the recycled glass bead in this awesome necklace. I just love to see how my beads end up in your beautiful pieces!


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