Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Poppy

There's a lot of inspiration in my house this morning...
First off, there's a challenge from Heather over at her Humblebeads Blog. She's got us working on creating unique, fun focals using some classic Stringing designs as jumping-off points. The first challenge is based on a design called "Cowgirl" by Teri Bienvenue (from the Summer 2007 issue). If you click on the link you can see the original as well as Heather's cool interpretation.

More importantly, I think of my sweetie husband often. He's currently over in Afghanistan for some training. I've got to turn the thoughts to positive, so how about focusing on the prettiness of the poppies? Lo' and behold I found one of Heather's vibrant red poppy beads in my "special" stash. I keep the "special" ones for special occasions, obviously. :) Plus, I had a nice bunch of my favorite "wacky chunky" discs from Heather at HMB studios in some great red blends. Perfect!
Gotta love a challenge...Enjoy!!


  1. I love it Jennifer! And not just because you used a poppy. It really is a great take on the idea and the color is so rich and wonderful. I hope you'll play along again, if the homework can wait!

  2. I love this Jennifer. The colors are so vibrant and lush. Great job with the challenge! I hope I can get mine done...did a little sketch and pulled out some "special" beads that I horde for special occasions...glad to know I am not alone in doing that! Enjoy the day!
    P.S. I am your new follower!


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