Saturday, July 4, 2009

Real Bling Time!

I got engaged on Thursday night!

My sweetie, Curt, proposed as we walked around the National mall and the WWII Memorial. It was raining a bit; the sun was setting; and there were lightening bugs all over the place. He pulled a pink rose out of his coat (where it had been stashed for hours!) and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes and now we're on the road towards planning our future together! How cool is that???

So, this morning I was motivated over coffee to come up with a special piece to remember the evening. Of course, the gorgeous diamond (that he picked out all by himself!) is my new favorite piece of jewelry, but I want to remember the poor rose that made it through the evening in his coat. And, I think of lots of pink and shiny and pretty and champagne and laughing and glitter and love all go together into this necklace. :)

If you saw us together in our office--that's where we met, in the cubicles next to each other--you wouldn't think we'd match, but we've somehow turned into a perfect pair. It sounds cliche, but I can't help myself...the beads I pulled out this morning may not seem to go together at first glance, but they come together to create something better than just by themselves. How cheesy!!! haaaaaaa


  1. Congratulations! That's wonderful news! I love how you put together a piece of jewelry to commemorate the event. You'll cherish that along with that gorgeous ring for a lifetime!

  2. Oh what a wonderful story! I wish you both much joy and happiness!


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