Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beading in Peace vs. Watching Election Coverage

I have to admit, the television's on right now, but I spent the last few hours in the basement getting some color on in peace and quiet.

I am totally hooked on the asymmetric bracelet deal--I feel like I can really bring out the joy that's in a great glass bead with a little mix of stone and some pattern. I love the texture and the colors and how it looks when it's on--every time you look at your wrist, it's a different view! I think it's funny, though, that when I show these designs to men, they usually "don't get it." The imbalance bothers them...interesting, that's what intrigues me.
These two bracelets feature lampwork glass by Lisa New that I scored on Ebay in the last few weeks. No matter how much I might think about color and theorize about what might work, I can always count on one of her beads to drive an amazing color scheme.

Wish me luck on a show tomorrow up at Bolling AFB--a day on leave to have fun with jewelry. Yeah!! Also, if you're around here in Virginia/DC with me, I'm going to have my goods on display at my local neighborhood association Winter Craft Show down here in Woodbridge on Saturday, 15 November. The link up on the right side of the page has a connection to directions, so check them out--I would love to see you!

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