Friday, February 22, 2008

Hot Malasadas!!

While I was in Hawaii, every time we drove down the highway from Kapolei, we passed Leonard's Hot Malasada stand. Finally, we stopped for some of the yummy cinnamon treats and now I'd like to start every day the malasada way!

Instead of fried dough, though, I'm going to go with warm cinnamon jewelry! These chunky free-form bits of quartz and yellow jade are hanging with various mixes of jade, citrine, and mookaite combined with some sterling silver and wood. Just as I couldn't eat just one, I couldn't make just one.

The short one is a choker--about 15 inches long with a toggle clasp. The long one is "nutty" because of the extra nut I added to the bunch in the front.

Thanks to Lauren & Marc for the malasada adventures!

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