Thursday, November 12, 2015

Venetian Street Art

I first noticed the visual impact of street art in Paris, with both what appeared to be sanctioned and unsanctioned work mixed with "traditional" graffiti or vandalism.  We even used some of it in our art journaling by taking stickers or pamphlets off light poles or stair rails.  On one particular day in Venice, though, I started seeing a lot of really cool work. I put the map away for a little bit and just walked through some streets around the accademia--not really intending to get lost, but that's what happened.  It was a fruitful trip, though, because I found lots of less-populated streets with unique, informal, art presentations.  Like this sun-drenched woman...

Or this lovely leo...
I'm sure there must be some larger context to these pieces, given that some of them are in the form of stencils or stickers and can be reproduced at will...might be an interesting project to see if I can figure out the artists and inspiration.

The cat just makes me laugh.

This is probably just a graffiti bit, but cat is fun

Some puppy love next to a canal:
This one is almost sculptural the way the building material has started to erode.  Looks like there's an artist "tag" on that one so may be able to find the creator more easily.
Scary magic dude next to a scary, dark walkway.  Perfect scenario.
A rolling wave of garden near an actual garden.  They must have gotten tired of the big brown building that didn't match the beauty of the lagoon or the tree-lined paths.

A sailor in Venice.  
I think I'll do some more digging to see what I can find on these particular images and figure out what the artists may be trying to say versus what I'm hearing/seeing/thinking.  

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