Sunday, July 13, 2014

Workspace In Progress

I am lucky enough to have two full rooms in my house that serve as a giant studio.  As I look to the future and where I want to focus my post-Air Force career, I often glance around this room and wonder which tables and shelves hold my favorite things...

Here's the jewelry table.  Look at the clean workspace!  I have a few in-work bead selections in the little black trays, but haven't taken the time to just "make" yet.  I've been trying for something beachy themed and it's amazing how many gorgeous blues and greens and teals and aquas I have in my stash.  Add that to the apparent 100 pairs of pliers I have and it got overwhelming.  After shopping through my bead drawers, I got overwhelmed.  Hence, I cleaned up the table and will start over again with a clean slate.

Here are the bead drawers...sorted by color because that's what makes me happy.  The dresser is a work in progress.  I started sanding it down to refinish it and decided I like it this way.  I grew up with that dresser in my bedroom, so it always makes me happy when I see it and remember life as a care-free kid.  Now the drawers are filled with wire, beads, and stationary.  

I have a few shelves of paper, books, and other random supplies, tools and equipment.  I'm a big fan of plastic containers so I can see what's inside.  I had to get a new label maker since I apparently put the one I already owned into a container and failed to label it!

Here's another work in progress.  I've had this little wooden panel for about two months.  I got it from my favorite local art store, Artist & Craftsman Supply, to participate in the Summerscapes contest...which, luckily, isn't due until the end of July.  I intend to do a woven mixed media piece with all those random fibers, wires and beads that are spread all over the table.

I have fun doing mixed media because I can dig around in all these drawers filled with random supplies.  Plus, all those plastic boxes are filled with papers and collage bits.  Oh, and there's just a little bit of paint...that's the crafty acrylic supply box.

Another work in progress.  I'm on my third set of pages as part of Donna Downey's 48 Weeks journal project.  There is some fun surface action on this one.  I have a piece of copper out there, too, that's supposed to be another summerscape.  I want to do some etching.  The little water fountain brush washer, still in the box, was a birthday gift to myself.  Over by the window, I have a big box of stencils that doubles as a sleeping box for Shelby, one of my sweetie kitties.

Here are a few more works in progress...started last December.  And there are some eyes that I did as part of an Artist & Craftsman exhibit back in April called, Optical Delusions.

So many supplies in there, so why am I sitting in here on the couch instead???  'Cause blogging's important!  haaaaaaaaaaaa  


  1. Wow you do have an amazing studio space! So sorry I missed the chance to visit that time. Have a great summer!

  2. Renee in Lynden, WAJuly 15, 2014 at 9:11 AM

    Your space is filled with inspiration! Where does the sewing happen?


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