Thursday, April 3, 2014

Week 13/52 Slightly Above Eye Level

Wandering down an alley
In Charleston
Around lunch time
In uniform.
To visit the art store.

Whoa.  I just mixed worlds...can you even wear a uniform in an art store?  haaaaaaaaaaa

I got the feeling...uh, aren't you the lady who comes in here wearing a poncho and smelling like patchouli?  What is this thing with the combat boots?

Yeah.  That's me.  A camo-wearing, patchouli-smelling, Airmen-slash-artist who takes pictures of weeds growing out of walls while enjoying the sun on a fantastic break from the office.  

The cool part about this dichotomy is that it lets me see things differently:  
- This could be the wall that made it hard to find a parking spot or it could be the home for a little grassy magic.
- The email in my inbox could spell the end of my career as I get frustrated and run or could be a challenge worth jumping on and solving with my team.
- The dumb traffic on my commute that creeps along or an opportunity to savor the flippin' gorgeous pink and blue and orange sunrise.

Conformist or nonconformist?  That's the magic balance.

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