Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 10/52 - Big Picture: Long Shot

Instead of wide, I went long.
Apparently following prompt instructions is a challenge.
I checked out the blue sky and calm river as I ran.
Fear of heights keeps me from hugging the side
Until someone runs by me too close.
The yellow dotted line is constant.
If a dotted line can be considered constant:
Constantly intermittent?
Kind of like my energy during the run
in spite of sun, breeze, and a cute t-shirt.
The Ravenel Bridge exhausted me.
Post-sweating I napped for two hours.
And then I napped some more.
Woke up this morning at four
Since I lost a whole day of productivity--not just an hour.
But I didn't lose five miles...I got that!


  1. Wide, long, either way its a great shot and a great view.The blues in the water and the sky are amazing.

  2. That's a very cool shot! I don't like driving over bridges, so I don't think I could handle running one. Not that I could handle running anywhere for that matter!

  3. Love the bright sky and the great view of the bridge!


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