Sunday, August 19, 2012

Making wishes

It's very rare that I sit still.  Well, I guess I have to qualify that and say that when I do sit still, I usually end up falling asleep.  Apparently my way of coping with life changes and dealing with stress is to keep my hands full.  Literally.  They're full of yarn, wire, beads, material, or even my keyboard.  It's not a bad thing, I guess, because I love feeling productive and making things that are pretty or interesting or sometimes even both. 

But, I think I need to learn how to be more peaceful.  I need to be more comfortable just sitting and not doing anything.  So, that's what I'm going to wish for this evening.  I suppose I should put the computer away and turn off the TV.  

I wish for personal peace.

Have you wished for anything lately? 

(p.s. this is my sweet nephew, Austin, whose wish for candy came true, as you can see by the smears of yummy on his face!)

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  1. Hello, i am french so it's possible that i don't understand all what i read and i will make a lot of mistakes in my words, however, when i read your article, it's "talking" to me.... I often feel like you wrote. Unable to stay just doing nothing, i always want to try, to experimente, to do.... Something. And, like you, i think i need to learn how to be more peacefull.
    Your article, as your blog, because i come sometime to read it, have an effect in my head and in my hearth.
    And, i would say that i often like your creations.
    I wish we will be able to find personal peace.


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