Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sketch Peek: Inspired by Cones!

My lovely friend, Elisabeth, sent me a birthday present a few weeks ago to help get the inspirational mojo back.  There was a book called The Crafter's Devotional and a big, spiral-bound black journal.  The Devotional is another blog party story that I'm sharing with lots of other creative minds out there who are looking for some more mojo.  But, that's another story for another day.

I decided to start in on the journal with a few ROE (rules of engagement):
- there's no pressure to fill the book
- start in the it doesn't look like the whole thing's empty when I stop in two weeks
- if something looks ugly or uninspiring or irritating, the page can come out
- only write on one side of each page...that's how I work my "to do" list at work because I hate it when the pen bleeds through to the other side
- try to use the book once a week, but don't stress if you don't
- use it for arts and crafts ideas AND whatever else I want like cool vocabulary words (yesterday I had to look up solipsism and profligacy while reading Newsweek)
- keep a black sharpie in the spine since that's my favorite writing utensil

My first project page....

I had some major brainstorming/idea generation the other day right after I heard from Lorelei with an invitation to be part of her latest blog challenge.  You can see the details at Lorelei's blog, but the basics:  There are six designers tasked to come up with something cool with gorgeous handmade copper cones from Keirsten of Cerebral Dilettante:

It felt great to sketch out a few ideas and then just randomly push out and record the ideas as they occurred.  I actually used the ideas to generate the final pieces...well, almost final.  There's still a few things to work on.  Lorelei asked us to really push the limits of our imagination and try something unexpected...and I did!  I can't wait to share the results during the reveal on 1 August, so be on the lookout!!!


  1. I am part of Elisabeth's group also, love you R.O.E!

  2. First Happy belated Birthday! So sorry I missed it! Next, I am part of the group as well but haven't gotten to start reading, downloaded it to my kindle. Great start to the sketchbook and brainstorming, you do realize now though, i am going to have to look up solipsism and profligacy???

  3. Have you ever used the Crafter's Devotional before? Are you finding that it helps? I love the sketches- I've been thinking about using something similar. Just wondered which part of the gift you're enjoying most. Christie

  4. You have such gorgeous writing Jen - I hope you keep up with your journal! Not that I have one. I bet these things are great to look back over, even a week later. Good luck with it all!


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