Monday, March 26, 2012

Artisan Jewelry Meets Air Force Charity Ball

On Saturday night Curt and I had the honor of attending the annual Air Force Charity Ball up in Springfield, Virginia.  It's a huge shindig where lots of Air Force big wigs, both past and present, raise funds for the Air Force Aid Society.  A huge part of the event is the silent auction.  A couple of years ago I made donation of jewelry and have been doing so ever since.  I love being able to bring my little crafty side into supporting Airmen.  It helps tamp down my inner cynic.
This year's event raised over $700K for the Society.  Amazing.  What's great is that 100% of that money will go directly to supporting Airmen and their families who need help.

Here's the set of baubles I created for the occasion...
I wanted to focus on the highest quality, most lovely lampwork beads so I picked some from my favorite artists:
The amazing necklace focal is from Donna Millard.
The bracelet focal is from Julianna Cannon.
And the earrings feature swirls from Libelula.

I didn't get to wear any cool jewelry that night since we were in uniform.  The only adornments are medals and badges.  Whoo hoooo.  But, I did get to see lots of lovely ladies in gowns which made me kinda thankful that I get to cover up with a cummerbund and jacket and don't have to worry about anything form-fitting or arm-showing. haaaaaaaaaa  Another reason to stay in the Air Force...I don't have to wear formal gowns! 


  1. Beautiful pieces! That is great that the event was such a success and the money raised goes directly to supporting the airmen and their families.

  2. These are beautiful! I love the lampwork gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful donations, Jen! They are lucky to get your work! I love them all, but am especially partial to the bracelet!

  4. Hey Jen, you made a beautiful necklace with my focal. I love it. Next time you want to do a donation like this for the military, let me know, I'd be happy to donate a nice bead for you to use. Ok??? Remind me I said this, I'm getting old and forget things sometimes, lol.

  5. Good work to be doing for charity...kind of you and the piece is really looking very beautiful.I also like the nice bluish purple colour.


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