Monday, November 28, 2011


Where have I been?  Why, sitting right here on the couch!  haaaaaaaaa  

I haven't been here on the couch the whole time I've been missing from the blogosphere, but have been here plenty.  I've been working on a Marie Otero workshop trying to learn Photoshop Elements and am THRILLED with the lessons.  I was overwhelmed by all the options, at first, but Marie has videos that walk through every adjustment step by step and I have since spent hours working on making pics that are "just right."  For instance, here's one with a little bit of a teaser for an upcoming blog hop...
In addition to this gorgeous ribbon, I've been in a fiber mode.  While walking through Michael's a couple of weeks ago, I saw some pretty yarn and decided I should break out my crochet needles to make some Christmas gifts.  Next thing I know, I'm spending a whole day making little crocheted flowers...for no reason!!  I have no end result in sight, but really wanted to learn how to make little flowers.  That little flower obsession may also show up in a blog hop soon.  :)

In other life developments, I was hugely stressed out at work over some major civilian personnel actions and my dissatisfaction with the way the whole process works and since I didn't have anything nice to say about it, I couldn't really go writing about it.  I still don't have much to say about it, but have come to some sort of peace with the fact that I'm just a tiny cog in a giant bureaucracy and will continue to advocate for taking care of people even if the decision-makers don't care to listen.  :)  And, then I will spend plenty of time at work investigating my retirement options!  haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Other than the stress of work, I survived the Thanksgiving holiday in spite of lots of hours logged in the car and on planes.  It was wonderful to spend time with my family & out in Kansas with Curt's.  I have more to report and photos to share, but I have to get busy on the project for the blog hop that's due in two days!! haaaaaa  When did I become so completely last minute?  Or, have I always been that way?

Hope you all are doing well and having fun since it can be a challenge with all that goes on during these frantic end-of-the-year weeks!!  Even though the official day of thanks is over, I'm thankful for you...anyone who takes time to be creative and is willing to share!


  1. You, my friend, are a total nut! Every time I see you write, haaaaaaaa, I can hear you laugh it in my head! BTW, I am totally behind on all my blog hop/challenge doohickeys as well :)

  2. I love the way you write! Nice to have you back and I can't wait to see what you have in store for the Hop. Speaking of that I need to finish mine today!

  3. Well, I knew you were doing the photo class, so I wasn't too worried, but I'm very glad your back!!! I got scared this a.m. when I saw someone post about a challenge I'm in. Evidently the timer messed up and posted it immediately, instead of tomorrow. But boy, did it freak me, so yes, you're not the only one behind on challenges. So sorry about the work situation. But I'm very glad to know there are people like you in there fighting for those of us who don't know what decisions are being made on our behalf. Hugs to you!!


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