Sunday, November 28, 2010

Paper, Paper, Everywhere!

With four days off, you'd think I'd be knee deep in new beaded masterpieces...alas, no.  I had lists of things to do:
- Get in touch with old friends--I hate talking on the phone, so I bought a little earpiece thing hoping that I'd find it less annoying.
- Create wedding jewelry for my friend, Monica's, wedding that's next weekend in Hawaii--that's right, I leave on did that come up so quickly??
- Run outside in the crisp, clear weather--I'm down seven pounds (whoo hoo) and it's totally motivating.
- Scrub the kitchen floor since it's been months since the last big clean.
- Find some promotion paperwork buried deep in a file drawer so I can try to get another promotion--maybe I need some new pretty colored file folders?
- Pack up a care package for my honey so he has some love and joy at Christmas.  :)

Alas...none of these things happened. 
Instead, I discovered (or, rather, re-discovered) paper.  
I flippin' love paper.

There was a little tiny link at Art Bead Scene the other day to a tutorial on making paper boxes.  Well, that little link, combined with my overwhelming urge to use "doorbuster" coupons at Michael's and JoAnn's means that hours and hours were lost to folding...

The best part about this whole venture?  I don't have any reason to have all these boxes!!!!  What am I going to do with them?!  haaaaaaaaaaa  Sure, I could use some for packaging my own little gems and baubles, but I need hundreds of them?

I stayed up late digging through this stack of paper pads (which is only a small portion of the whole selectcion) and decided to make little stacks of "nesting" boxes.  For what?  I don't know.  I just think they're cool.  Be ready,'s pretty apparent what you're getting from Jen this year!  haaaaaaaaaa  Then you can figure out what to do with them!

I haven't even mentioned the card "festival" I had on Thanksgiving day...if I could take some dang decent pictures of them, you'd see them, but I've almost got myself convinced that I need a new camera....haaaaaaaaa

On that note...THANKS!  I'm thankful for having the time to procrastinate and play with paper all day.  I'm thankful for friends and family who understand my need to procrastinate and play with paper all day.  Oh, and, Curtis...your package is almost done!  :)  Love you!  Jen


  1. I love packaging. I love paper. I can absolutely see why this happened. All of those bright colours. Who wouldn't want to make boxes just because you could? Totally understandable.

  2. I think you have been productive! Congratulations on the seven pounds, I am trying... Pretty boxes, enjoy your trip to Hawaii, you have a very very busy three days before you leave if you need to get that list taken care of... forget the kitchen floor, it can wait! Have a great week and a fun/safe trip.

  3. Well I love these boxes, I wish I had a few of them for some special order gifts I have to send out, I think I will go dig up my paper too...thanks for the inspiration and hey good on you for the 7 pounds, I have lost 21 pounds on weight watchers since Aug. its fun to find clothes I am too small for...have fun at the wedding...

  4. OMG, I love the boxes! I have a thing with paper too. Now you have boxes for the next year...they would be great to give with cookies in them, jewelry,soaps and whatever!
    Have a fabulous time in Hawaii, how nice to be going at this time of year.

  5. They look great, Jen! I used to make those kind of boxes some years ago when I first started selling jewelry. I used spray adhesive to attach gift wrapping paper to card stock, and made a ton. They *are* addictive! The recipients will cherish them, along with the beady goodness that I suspect you'll put inside. Happy folding!

  6. I'm a paper junky too. I have stacks of it. Looks like my daughter and I will probably be making boxes this afternoon! Thanks for the link. What a great project.

  7. I used to make boxes like crazy when I was a younster! I ended up making tiny ones into lots of ornaments once. I love your paper.

    Good job on the 7 lbs! I need to get back on the weight watcher's wagon....

  8. Wow they are Wondeful Boxes youve made!
    I love them and thank you for reminding of the tutorial. Now I need paper!

  9. Please don't post things like this...I have too much to do!! :) Now all I want to do is get my pretty stash out & make boxes. TOO CUTE! Oh, please let us know if you're ever up our way! We would love to see you!

  10. Oh wow Jen, I LOVE the paper you've used here! Gorgeous!


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