Friday, September 3, 2010

Lovin' on Donna Millard Beads

I'm enjoying a "family day" (meaning a no-work day) with my beads!!  I'm so excited!

I decided to start with a gorgeous art glass focal and this spectacular bit from Donna Millard, one of my faves, screamed out, "MEEEEeeee," and I obliged.

This is the original picture from Donna's Etsy listing for "Wild & Crazy"
As I happen to have a few orange beads in my collection...oh, and a few purple...I went to town and here's the end result for the necklace:

This baby has satin pearls, some vintage glass (that I picked up in Hawaii in 2008 and makes me think fondly of my friends Lauren & Marc...many hugs to you guys!), some vintage and Czech glass and then a sterling silver chain bail to put all the attention where it needs to be on that gorgeous artisan bead.  I decided to go with an adjustable clasp so that the focal could be adjusted to work with lots of necklines.

I couldn't stop with that and broke out the memory wire to finish up a coordinating bracelet with more of Donna's beads.

And then some earrings...why not?

Feel free to shop your heart out on my Etsy site...just added this set.  Or, if you live nearby here in Hampton, call me and you can see it in person!  :)


  1. Beautiful, Jen! I love Donna's work, it's just phenomenal... & I love YOUR work w/ Donna's beads, just fabulous!!!

    ~ Julie

  2. It is gorgeous! love the colors and your selection of matching beads.

  3. WOW, Jen, you done good girl! LOVE the bracelet especially! A thousand thank-you's to you my friend!

  4. Awesome! Try to sneak that in under the color of your uniform! ;-)


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