Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dreaming in Green...

I'm finally back in the creative saddle!! Well, it's actually just my crummy old cat-hair-covered office chair down in the basement, but still...

I spent the weekend up in Philly at WireFest a few days back and in addition to learning some wonderful wire ring basics from Michael David Sturlin (which I'll post more about later), I got in some good shopping at the bead market. I kept myself relatively controlled this time and only came home with about a TON of quartz! haaaaaaaaaa I picked up these mosaic-looking round beads that feature reconstituted turquoise. I just love them! Plus, these "petals" of lemony-limey quartz are just wonderfully smooth and just cried out for me to touch and use them.

And I had to use them more than can see these pieces for sale on my Etsy site. Look at the right side of this post on my blog site and you'll see the Etsy gallery!


  1. I love you set with the turquoise and quartz. I also just finished a set with the mosaic turquoise (not a stylish as yours). The 1st time I found some of the mosaic turquoise they were calling it turtle turquoise and I thought that was a cool name for it. Debbie

  2. Wow-love that mosaic turquoise! It realy pops with the yellow quartz. Wonder if I could make some poly clay beads that look that good! Beautiful work!

  3. Thanks, ladies! I think some poly clay beads with those colors would be fabulous! I'm not a clay genius, but when it comes to mixing up cool colors, I'm a huge fan!! Maybe we should challenge ourselves?? haaaaa


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