Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Rose By Any Other Name...

is probably the rose that hasn't been delivered to my house!!! haaaaaaaaaaaa

I achieved a peaceful balance today because while I got rid of plenty of potpourri that no longer added any value to the aromatherapy mix in my house, I created some gorgeous delicate necklaces with rose petal pendants. The trade of the dried flowers was probably not very good feng shui, but I love what I ended up with!!

I explored the Occoquan Fall Craft show yesterday and found some lovely work by Forest Flower Jewelry that I immediately knew would mix well with my squigglies of late. Look at the rich color of that petal! It's protected by lacquer and edged with sterling silver. I absolutely love it!!

The pink petal looks just as pretty...a feminine touch with a big wire swirl...

I have lots of other autumnal pieces from my favorite Occoquan vendor, so will have more to show off soon!

And...Frankie says "hello" to all of you...this is seriously the first time he hasn't freaked out when I pointed the camera at him in the year and a half I've had him...what a loony cat!!!

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  1. Hi: I just found your blog and was looking through your posts when I came across this photo of Frankie. I think the freaked-out with photographs must be a characteristic of this kind of cat! My Casey the Cat looks alot like your guy. If you look at my blog labels for Casey the Cat, you will see that he looks like a goof in all his photos! I can't get a decent one!
    Anyway, I think your jewelry is great! I'm happy to have found your blog!


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